Discussion Group

Exclusive Society Google Group

All CCCS members have the option to subscribe to the CCCS email discussion group. The CCCS email group on Google is intended to foster and support communicaton among members of the Society. Posting and reading this email is restricted to subscribed members. Approval to join the list is granted by the CCCS secretary. Messages relevant to the practice of Critical Care are appropriate, including job postings and meeting announcements. Please do not post "me too" and "thank you" messages. You can recognize messages from this group since the subject starts with [CCCS]. The message may appear to come from the original person, but if you reply to that message, your reply will go to everyone. If you wish to reply only to the original sender, please check the address carefully.

You can also read and post messages directly on the web site at http://groups.google.com/group/cccs_members?hl=en. This link is also found as a footnote on all emails received through the CCCS group.

To access the online archive of messages, you will need to log on to Google using the same email where you receive the CCCS messages. If you have a Google account that you access with a different email, you can go into the options and add other email addresses that you want associated. If you add the identify that you use for CCCS then you will gain access to the group; you can read and post messages directly. The Google interface is updated frequently, so it is hard to provide exact instructions for this. Please let us know if you have any trouble.